A self care experience in the living room...

Sip on some green tea or ice cold water as you relax into your services, jam to your favorite music and escape into your own world.

Philly Nail Company offers a laidback, quiet environment; it's like having your nails done in your best friend's living room.

Get Ready to Unwind

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How to make your Nail Enhancements Last for Weeks
  • Flawless and Efficient Application Techniques
  • How to use the E-file Machine
  • Natural Nail Preparation
  • Gel X or Builder Gel Application
  • How to Market Yourself

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Après Gel X

Acrylic odor and over filing got you frowning?

Bring that smile back because the Après Gel X System offers an

  • Odor FREE
  • Damage FREE
  • Instant Length Solution
Discover the Après System

The Structured Gel Manicure

Nails can't catch a break?

Our structured gel manicure offers added strength and protection to help you grow your natural nails the healthy way.

Add some nail art to elevate your look!

What is A Structured Manicure?

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Aura Cat Eye!

This Spring it's all about the shiny Aura Cateye finishes and the bling! Choose from over 45+ Cateye finishes and an array of sparkly gems to create your own unique spring look!

Got a nail look you want to try?

Feel free to DM us on Instagram or Email us at hello@phillynailcompany.com

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What's in store this season?

  • Over 75+ Chrome Finishes
  • 45+ Different Cat Eye Effect
  • Customized hand drawn nail art
  • Bling nails for days

and healthy nail care year round!


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scrubs made from natural organic ingredients

Scrubs made to order.

Did you know?...

All of our scrubs in our signature pedicures are made fresh at the start of every appointment?

Our scrub features raw organic ingredients such as

  • Raw Coconut sugar
  • Organic Jojoba oil
  • Pure Cane Sugar &
  • Organic coconut oil

Indulge in the benefits of these ingredients today.

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The Gift that Cares

Surprise the person who has cherished and supported you with a heartfelt gift.

A day to relax, unwind, and enjoy some "Me time".

Gift Cards Available

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