Apres Gel X System

 Better than acrylic nails


The Après Gel X System offers an alternative for instant length without the odor and **damage that may come from traditional acrylics. 

**When removed properly


Cuticle prepE-file cuticle prepCuticle trimming

Your natural nails are manicured using an E-file and cuticle nipper to clean the nails of excess cuticle. After being fitted for the nail length and shape of your choosing, the Après nails are then applied to the natural nails.



  • Prep and base gel is applied to the buffed natural nails.
  • Après tip are applied to the nail bed using the Après builder gel technique. Each nails are flash cured under an LED light.
  • After nails are applied, an E-file is used to blend and flush the Après tips to the cuticles for a seamless look. 
  • Now you're ready for any color or nail design of your choice.
  • Ready for a new set? Simply book a soak off at your next Après appointment for a fresh look.
*Please book soak off & nail art separately.