About Us

Philly Nail Company is a nail company and creative space owned by two Khmer Krom sisters who grew up in the South Philadelphia area. Starting as a mobile nail service in 2018, we are happy to expand our visions to 1849 S 17th Street. Our services center around the use of ingredients found in many parts of Southeast Asia that are beneficial to the body and mind. We provide an intimate atmosphere for our clients to relax and unwind by limiting the number of clients to a max of two per appointment. Enjoy our services in your home away from home.

At Philly Nail Company, we are devoted to contributing to the local community. We invite local artists and other entrepreneurs to showcase their work in our space to offer the community quality handmade products that are ethically made and sourced. We believe that shopping small and supporting local businesses is the key to helping a community prosper.



A painting of Ankor Wat