Manifest Oil 2-Pack

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Begin your day with the citrus aromas of 'Morning Burst' and wind down using 'REM Time' to prepare you for a peaceful rest. 

Treat your cuticles and nails with moisturizing oils to help promote nail health, cuticle health and nail flexibility packaged in an eco-friendly and biodegradable package. Anti-fungal properties helps aid the healing of the nailbed naturally. When your hands land at a "prayer" pose after application, take a few deep breaths in and exhale, and make a wish/pray/show gratitude.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, Organic Apricot oil, Organic jojoba oil, Organic sweet almond oil, Organic Hazelnut oil, essential oils.

Please do not use product if allergic to nuts or nut byproducts. If an allergic reaction or rash appears, discontinue use immediately and consult a medical professional.