Why pedicures in winter is important


It's important to maintain a regular pedicure appointment even during the cold weather because this is when your feet truly need some extra attention. 

  • Your feet are enclosed in heavier shoes and boots during the colder months and are more prone to accumulating calluses and corns. 


  • Regular trimming and filing will ensure strong, healthy nails and help your technician keep a regular health check on your nails. If you maintain at least a monthly pedicure routine, your nail technician will be better able to detect any problems with your feet, including any fungal infections.


  • Pedicures promote healthier skin and joints.  A foot soak will increase circulation and reduce pain and possibly swelling in your feet due to sitting, standing, and walking all day. 


  •  Pedicures relax and relieve stress. The increased blood flow that comes with receiving a foot and leg massage brings oxygen to the tissue in the feet and legs which in turn, helps alleviate stress. 


  •  Lastly, you're the most important person. Take care of yourself! Pedicures give you that added boost of confidence. 



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