How to prevent dry hands

The colder weather is upon us, are you prepared to keep your hands healthy?

With the air getting more dry it's no mystery that our hands tend to suffer, especially those who aren't inclined to wear gloves outdoors. Not to mention, flu season is nearing, many will also see their hands drying out more often than not from hand washing and sanitation practices. Here are some tips to help maintain the health of your hands.


  • Carry a travel bottle of cuticle oil that can be rolled on or brushed on- Cuticle oil, when used generously and often, will prevent your nailbed and cuticle area from drying, cracking, peeling, and splitting. Use it in the morning before your commute to work. Right before you take lunch so it has time to soak in. Use it as part of your nighttime routine to allow the oil to moisturize your skin and nails overnight. Use it generously, and use it often. You can use our special blend of oils HERE or any other oil blend of your choice.
  • Opt for an oil based moisturizer -  A water based lotion is fine during the summer but during the dry months it's best to switch to an oil base moisturizer. Make sure to moisturize before bed so that the product has time to absorb and work it's magic. Some products we recommend here at Philly Nail Company includes ACAF Shea butter which can be purchased in our storefront, Herb N' Eden Skin Salve which can be purchased online or CeraVe Healing Ointment which can be purchased at most drugstores. 

  • Wear gloves when outdoors -  We know, we know, some of us are reluctant to wear gloves when outdoors but trust us, the minor discomfort will help save your skin. The cold dry air outdoors can be brutal on our skin and the best way to protect them from the elements is to wear thick, high quality gloves such as the SIMARI WInter gloves from Amazon. The next time you head outdoors with bare hands just imagine how painful a deep crack on your thumb or index finger can be. 

  • Get a manicure regularly -  Now we're not just saying this because we're obsessed with nail and hand care, we're advising this because it is an important part of your hand's health. Getting a manicure regularly with a nail professional will insure that any issues that may arise with your hands and nails will be dealt with promptly. Not to mention a good hand and arm massage can help with circulation and joint pain. Besides, everyone needs a little relaxation and self care during the long dark cold days. Need some  you time? Book a manicure online today. 


The colder months aren't for everyone but with these practices one can definitely have one less thing to worry about, such as dry cracked hands and brittle nails. Keep those hands of yours healthy. 

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